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Bauxite Mine

Bauxite mine has a wide range of uses. Ninety percent bauxite is used in the production of alumina and aluminum. Sometimes by-products such as metallic aluminum ore and sometimes vanadium and gallium are obtained from bauxite. Refractory products are obtained from bauxite and high alumina firebrick and synthetic mullite are obtained. It is also used in iron steel, cement and brick industries to fill kiln brick gaps.

Bauxite ore is used to remove the color of raw sugar, to clean the raw sugar, to filter oils, as an anti-slag agent in ferrochrome plants, and to make cement. Our company supplies bauxite to different geographies with high quality and affordable bauxite prices.

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Chrome Mine

Ferrochrome; chromite ore by using the root of charcoal is produced in electric arc-resistance furnace demotion. As mentioned above, the world produced more than 90% of metaallurgical chromite ore industry in ferrochrome production. Developed one of the country's industry entered the base of the stainless steel is also one of the elements that cannot be substituted ferrochrome. Chrome ore buyers are located in here and demand arises. Wholesale purchases are carried out.

Chrome producer and supply company Dudolp, always offers high-value products. Processed or raw wholesale offers. It is engaged in product supply from the desired value. Please contact us for the desired product supply and ask of chromite price.

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Iron Mine

The usage area of iron produced by iron ore producers is quite wide in modern industry. It is the main ingredient of many different industries and scientific research has shown that iron is a metal that can be used in many other areas. Iron, which is in high amount in the earth's crust compared to other metals, is expressed with the symbol Fe on the periodic table.

Reaching iron, which is so important and has so many different uses, is one of the biggest problems of factories and enterprises. You definitely need a professional firm to obtain wholesale iron ore. At this point, Dudolp has been operating nationally and internationally for many years.

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Manganese Mine

Manganese mine is not found in pure form in nature but as a compound. It is most densely located as a manganese mine. The place that has the largest manganese reserves in terms of location lies on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. According to the researches and data obtained, it has been understood that there are around 112 billion tons of manganese ore.

As Dudolp, we provide you with the extraction and export operations of the manganese mine. If you are looking for a service that you can obtain with quality, affordable prices and production facilities, you are at the right address. You can get detailed information about manganese mining by contacting us at our contact addresses.

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Marble Mine

The main marble mines in the world; travertine, granite and Onyx. This rocks according to where they are located processed. They're all the reasons and features of different formation. People are adding a variety of these mines and dazzling beauty in different areas. That's why made the sale and purchase of in the world marble and granite.

As marble and granite company, Dudolp by offering quality products all the time life is shaping up. Travertine, granite marble products as diverse as wholesale. Blasting and tumbled black marble way and with beauty, taking life. The desired product supply and logistics support to contact us.

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Olivine Mine

Olivine rock mantle deep in the upper stone of a magnesium-iron silicate mineral that is formed. Because of their superior chemical and physical properties have very different use areas. Because of the high melting temperature of refractory bricks used in the construction. Pressure cooker construction, stiffness and resistance to cleaning rusty surfaces, soil is Fe and Mg as fertilizer for besleyebildiği or in terms of green color due to their rare Crystal jewelry is used for adjustment.

Olivine gemstone producer and supply company Dudolp, always offers high-value products. Bulk and big bag wholesale offers. It is engaged in product supply from the desired value. Please contact us for the desired product supply and ask of price; Slag Editor, refractory, casting sand, EBT sand, blasting sand, TDK sand.

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