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26 August 2016
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16 October 2016

Chrome is the main raw material of stainless steel. Stainless steel and special alloy steels, especially aeronautics industry, automotive, petro-chemistry, construction industry, kitchen utensils are used in almost every area that we see around us, etc. In this sense, it is a very important market share chrome mine in the world.

Although the production of stainless steel in Turkey Turkey is particularly looking at the chrome production over the past 10 years, a significant rise in export production, capacity growth and has entered into the process.

The most important and largest recipient of Turkish and Chinese chrome. Chromite is the most affecting the price of important countries. People’s Republic of China, its geography can be considered important in value does not have a chrome in reserve but in large capacity ferrochrome and stainless steel producer with a global scale because it is the biggest recipient of chrome ore, too.

Chrome ore is used as additives in steel after 1865, the steel industry has been the driving engine of the industrial revolution. beginning with the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the culture of life and habits of society great conversions. Chrome metal after the discovery in the year 1797, the world’s first chromite deposits were found in the Ural mountains, in the year 1798.

In our country, after running out of Maryland in the United States, the first chromite deposits have been identified near Boston in 1848 and in 1850 began the production in this region. India and South Africa are in chrome mining until 1906, date, have been exported from our country for many years, chrome ore. Chrome ore prices all foreign trade Corporation.

The element of a contribution is chrome, alloy and heat corrosion and abrasion resistance to tensile strength, hardness, persistence, and to give the reason for features such as hygiene and color with a very wide area. Chromium metal is the only mineral chromite ore is produced as the economic, metallurgical, chemical, refractory and foundry industry. Chrome ore buyers always Dudolp Mine. Where is the most important factor that determines whether to use the release of its physical and chemical properties.

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