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17 February 2021
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3 March 2021

Chrome, which was first discovered by Johann Gotlob Lehmann in 1762 around the Ural Mountains, which is considered to be the border between Russia’s Europe and Asia continents, was decomposed and defined by Louis Nicolas Vauqelin in 1797. Chrome got its name from the word “chorma”, which means color in Greek. This is because the polished and polished chrome reflects 70% of visible light and 90% of infrared light. The natural color of chrome is bright gray. Its symbol is “Cr”.

In Anatolian geography, chromium was first produced in 1848 in the vicinity of Kozluca village of Harmancık district of Bursa. It was discovered by Lawrance Smith. In the following years, new chromium deposits were discovered in various regions of the country. In the middle of the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire took the first place among the chrome ore producers in the world and became the country that exported the most chrome.

Rich chromite deposits have been discovered in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Eastern Anatolia regions in our country. Wholesale chrome producers in these regions make great contributions to both local economies and the general economy of the country and create jobs.

Chrome Ore that Protects Metals from Rust

Chromium produced from Chromite (FeCr2O4) mineral found in ultrabasic rocks has a hard but brittle structure. It melts at 1907 degrees Celsius and boils at 2672 degrees. According to different sources, it is estimated that there are 7.6 to 25 billion tons of chromite minerals in the world, of which 3.6 to 12 billion tons are considered to be economically usable quality reserves with current technology and facilities. Most of the chromite mines in our country and in the world are operated as closed mines that are more respectful to nature.

Chrome is a metal that can be recycled. Chromium, which can be recycled with different methods according to the way of use, enables its scraps containing chromium to act in the international market.

Since chromium is a corrosion resistant metal, it is used in the coating of metals that do not want to rust or in the production of Ferrochrome used in the production of stainless steel. Ferrochrome is used in the production of stainless steel between 12% and 40% on a weight basis. 95% of the chromium produced worldwide is used for Ferrochrome production.

Wholesale chrome ore is considered as one of the strategically important resources for the world countries due to stainless steel, which is used in many areas from spacecraft to automobiles, submarines to sinks.

Chrome Ore With An Increasing Usage Area

It is anticipated that increasing the use of chromite and chromite containing compounds, especially in the field of chemistry, will increase the world chromite demand in the short and long term. Chromite mineral production, which has a great potential for the development of our country’s economy, is increasing chrome ore sales every year.

Chromium, which cannot be substituted in the arms industry, is also of great importance in the production of mining and heavy industry equipment due to its high resistance to impact and corrosion. At the same time, chromium different alloys, which have started to be used in new generation turbine engines, have become an increasingly used metal in aerospace and aviation industries.

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