Manganese mine is an important element used in industrial production today. Manganese is not a metal. This misinformation is dominant in society in general. Although it can be found in different forms in nature, it is mostly found as manganese mine. Manganese is obtained by processing afterwards. Manganese is mostly used in iron and steel production and chrome plating processes. As Dudolp, we have been providing services for manganese element supply for many years. Located in the territory of Turkey we receive from our mining operations manganese beds. We provide services in our mining operations with our professional staff and cutting-edge mining products.

Manganese ore is not found in pure form in nature but as a compound. It is most densely located as a manganese mine. The place that has the largest manganese reserves in terms of location lies on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. According to the researches and data obtained, it has been understood that there are around 112 billion tons of manganese ore.

Turkey is rich in manganese ore. The highest quality manganese values are found in Hekimhan Devec and the highest manganese reserves are in Denizli Tavas. manganese may not have the world's richest reserves of raw materials in Turkey is very high quality. Therefore, it can be used in almost every area.

It can make various alloys with iron, copper and aluminum, which expands its usage area. The increase in steel consumption has also increased in terms of manganese mining at the same rate, it has almost become an indispensable part of steel.

In terms of mineral deposits located on land, Russia, Gabon, Australia and South African countries contain large manganese deposits. Dudolp firm as we are working in manganese deposit located in Turkey and provide services as manganese producers abroad.

As Dudolp, we provide you with the extraction and export operations of the manganese mine. If you are looking for a service that you can obtain with quality, affordable prices and production facilities, you are at the right address. You can get detailed information about manganese mining by contacting us at our contact addresses.

Manganese is found in almost all types of steel. Even the amount of manganese in hadfield steel can reach up to 14%. With the addition of manganese to steel, its rolling, forging, strength, hardness, toughness, wear, rigidity and hardenability improve. Also in the steel industry, manganese is used to remove oxygen and sulfur.

As a company, we carry tens of products to many parts of the world, as well as manganese as a manganese supplier. If you need manganese in your factory or production facility, you can contact us and ask us to deliver the best quality raw material in the amount you want.