The main marble mines in the world; travertine, granite and Onyx. This rocks according to where they are located processed. They're all the reasons and features of different formation. People are adding a variety of these mines and dazzling beauty in different areas. That's why made the sale and purchase of in the world marble and granite.

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Chromium mining concentrate by used Chinese manufacturer for the production of ferro-chrome. Ferro-chrome with steel and iron ore is used in many industries is the raw material of metal. Robustness, durability, stainless steel and chromium that gives the higher rate the brightness property of steel and other metals, quality is increasing. Chrome-powered by many products, construction, weapons, manufacturing, health care, and are most frequently used in decoration industry.

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Metallurgical industry, and other areas as the content and high MgO olivine mine meant by, due to the high melting temperature forsterite. Forsterite is mostly yellowish green color. It can also be lighter colored or olive green, anyway this mineral 'olivine' it name is olive green because of its color. Fayalite is brown or blackish brown. Gloss glassy crystals of olivine are rare, usually a granular pile creates.

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