Bauxite mine is known as a mineral, it is more correct to call it an ore composed of minerals. Although it contains different metals, it is a rock formation that is the raw material of aluminum. Bauxite ore, which has an important share in world trade, meets a large part of the world's aluminum need. Bauxite, which is the third most abundant ores in the earth's crust, continues to be used as long as aluminum is needed, although it has been sufficient for centuries. As a manufacturer of bauxite, our company transports tons of it every year to many parts of the world. In this respect, it is the most distinguished bauxite supplier of our country.

Bauxite ore has a wide range of uses. Ninety percent bauxite is used in the production of alumina and aluminum. Sometimes by-products such as metallic aluminum ore and sometimes vanadium and gallium are obtained from bauxite. Refractory products are obtained from bauxite and high alumina firebrick and synthetic mullite are obtained. It is also used in iron steel, cement and brick industries to fill kiln brick gaps.

Various chemicals are also made from bauxite. It is used in aluminum sulphate and sodium aluminate used in water purification, as well as in crude oil purification along with products such as al-chloride and aluminum hydrate. Bauxite is also used in the manufacture of abrasives. It is the most preferred product in this field and its usage area is expanding day by day. Bauxite is used in abrasive powders, emery paper, emery stone rollers, sharpening stones and a superior result is obtained. Again, bauxite is used to remove the color of raw sugar, to clean the raw sugar, to filter oils, as an anti-slag agent in ferrochrome plants, and to make cement.

The chemical structure of bauxite mineral is quite different. Its chemical formula changes according to the different minerals inside. Aluminum oxide is a rock consisting of soil and occurs as a result of lateritization in tropical and subtropical regions. It has an oily look, streaked and shining appearance. It is extremely light, with an earthy clay appearance. It is mined in Antalya Akseki, Konya Seydişehir, Muğla Milas and Gaziantep İslâhiye in our country. Our company supplies bauxite to different geographies with high quality and affordable bauxite prices.