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15 July 2021

Manganese is also called wholesale manganese supply. It has an atomic number of 25 and is silvery gray in color. Manganese, which is among the transition elements, is not found in free form in nature. It is mostly found in minerals with iron. It is the fourth most abundant element in the earth’s crust. Manganese, which is similar to iron in its chemical structure, rusts in humid environments. It burns at high temperatures. It forms compounds by reacting with many elements such as sulfur, oxygen, nonmetals, nitrogen.

The world’s largest manganese reserves are in the Pacific Ocean. According to research on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, there are around 112 billion tons of ore. The ores found in terrestrial areas are dispersed and are found in almost every continent.

Wholesale manganese mining is mostly carried out by open processing method all over the world. Concentrated manganese is produced by different enrichment methods. Most of the manganese produced is used as an alloy in the iron and steel industry. The remaining part finds its place in the battery industry, in the chemical industry.

Manganese production is increasing in parallel with the increase in steel production today. By adding manganese to steel, properties such as rolling, forging, strength, toughness, wear and hardness are improved. That’s why it’s mandatory.

Wholesale Manganese Supply Ore Purchase

It is also used in the enrichment of manganese, zinc and uranium, in the glass and ceramics industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the agrochemical industry. Wholesale manganese ore is purchased for use in all these sectors. Found in many countries around the world, manganese is usually found in deposits near the surface. For this reason, it is operated with open business.

The use of manganese ore in Turkey shows parallelism with the world. It is used in the iron and steel industry at a rate of 90-95%. As iron and steel production increases, the need for manganese also increases. There are wholesale manganese ore in various parts of Turkey and they are not the best in the world, but they can be used in a wide range. While the most valuable manganese deposits are found in Hekimhan, the highest amount of manganese is found in Denizli Tavas. It is stated that the reserve here is 4 million tons.

The large usage area and the presence of reserve deposits enable wholesale manganese exports from Turkey to abroad. Every year, tons of supplies are made to different countries of the world, and our company plays an important role at this point.

Wholesale Manganese Supply Producers and Exporters

As Dudolp Mining, we have been in cooperation with manganese ore producers for many years. In this way, we have a wide range of products and can provide supply support for our customers who need all kinds of manganese ore. We crown years of knowledge, experience and experience at the most affordable prices, and produce premium quality solutions.

As a company all over the world, we have a wide network of suppliers. We provide delivery support through our logistics wholesale mining channels and realize the fastest and safest deliveries. If your expectation is to have the best magnesium ore, quality and affordable service, you are where you need to be. You can reach us at our contact addresses for more detailed information and to develop cooperation.

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