Silver shiny, bluish white, is a hard mineral chromium broken easily very resistant against air, humid air is not disrupted, so stainless steel. This is likely because of the nature of many of the corrosion with a thin chrome layer is coated with.

Chrome usually is found crystalline form in nature. During the solidification of our world, the first one of the crystallized elements. Chrome ore is called chromite and it means chrome’s stone. The chromites are mostly found in rocks with thin crystals. The release of many sprouts; of these, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire gemstones is used in making ornaments. But the most common chrome ore is chromite. So valuable that determines the price of chrome.

Chrome is used in changing iron at he first time. Chromium-iron alloy is very hard work in making abrasive instruments such as filed. Chrome-nickel alloy is very durable and flexible to the joining iron steel. One of these various machines; apart, armor, bridges, electrical resistance.

Chrome is used. hardened steel, stainless steel and other alloys in the production of obtaining that will increase the durability of metals . Especially in automobile parts use as a corrosion preventive coating and cutting tools is also common. Due to the high melting temperature, also popular in making bricks and mold. Chrome concentrate is an indispensable part of the metal and steel industries.

Ferrochrome; chromite ore by using the root of charcoal is produced in electric arc-resistance furnace demotion. As mentioned above, the world produced more than 90% of metaallurgical chromite ore industry in ferrochrome production. Developed one of the country's industry entered the base of the stainless steel is also one of the elements that cannot be substituted ferrochrome. Chrome ore buyers are located in here and demand arises. Wholesale purchases are carried out.

The world's total chromite resources of 7.6 billion tons. That's 3.6 billion tons in reserve class. A large part of the world chromium resources belong to the stratiform beds. That can be operated economically in the world major deposits of chromium ore are located in Republic of South Africa, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Finland, India, Turkey, Iran, the Philippines, Cuba, and Brazil.

Chromium mining concentrate by used Chinese manufacturer for the production of ferro-chrome. Ferro-chrome with steel and iron ore is used in many industries is the raw material of metal. Robustness, durability, stainless steel and chromium that gives the higher rate the brightness property of steel and other metals, quality is increasing. Chrome-powered by many products, construction, weapons, manufacturing, health care, and are most frequently used in decoration industry.

Stainless steel's most versatile features, and the substitution because of the reasons world wide areas as production and consumption is increasing all the time. Chromeore, ferrochrome and stainless steel; industry is the important raw materials, products are used in areas that can not be substituted. Stainless steel, corrosion resistance, as well as, thanks to the different types of mechanical features, the ability to use low and high temperatures, shape, aesthetic appearance, easily meets all hygiene conaditions expected cleaned, recycled and eco-friendly features, such as the fact that many areas cannot be substituted, because of the material. Set of chrome metal prices because it is useful in all areas.

The ultrabasic rocks, which are known as the general name of the peridotite in the chrome beds, cover large areas in Turkey. Peridotites belong to the ophiolite community and are located along the Alpine orogen belt. The peridotites found in Turkey and the chromium deposits in them are classified as Alpine type (podiform type). The complex structure associations exhibited by Alpine-type chromium deposits, their texture properties and their relatively small size are distinctive features.

Looking at the data in recent years; in the 80s the world's chromite ore 78% of the production of ferrochrome is used in the production of the 1990s, while this ratio to 85%, over 90% in recent years, other uses are of chrome chemicals production in the field% 3, moulding sand production of 3% and in the production of refractory materials about 1% chromite ore is used.

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