Olivine rock mantle deep in the upper stone of a magnesium-iron silicate mineral that is formed. Because of their superior chemical and physical properties have very different use areas. Because of the high melting temperature of refractory bricks used in the construction. Pressure cooker construction, stiffness and resistance to cleaning rusty surfaces, soil is Fe and Mg as fertilizer for besleyebildiği or in terms of green color due to their rare Crystal jewelry is used for adjustment.

Metallurgical industry, and other areas as the content and high MgO olivine mine meant by, due to the high melting temperature forsterite. Forsterite is mostly yellowish green color. It can also be lighter colored or olive green, anyway this mineral 'olivine' it name is olive green because of its color. Fayalite is brown or blackish brown. Gloss glassy crystals of olivine are rare, usually a granular pile creates.

Iron & Steel Industry

Widely used in field of olivine slag in the furnace and melting the iron and steel industry as an editor. The iron and steel industry on blast furnace slag and iron ore in a homogeneous melt, you will be prompted to enter. Pollutants such as phosphate and sulfur in the slag the most important point here (impurity) in the slag CAO, MgO, SiO2 and oxides such as Al2O3 composite by making the provision of the environment to move away from. For this to occur the environment has to have a certain basic degree. Olivine in this area is preferred because with coke, to be more pure in terms of the chemical composition of olivine, the MgO content is high due to the degree of fixing and the basic environment to increase the fluidity of the slag is within a certain range. Stable magnesium silicates olivine formed by alkali furnace in the alkali circulation also reduces. In addition, the swelling resistance of olivine to high temperatures within the furnace, moreover, heat resistance, low-prevents breakage of materials, lowers costs and provides permeability through the reduction of coal consumption.

Refractory Industry

Regular and low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shocks, slag chipping and high resistance to corrosion and more environmentally friendly use, have superior refractory olivine stones of gain and the nature of the material enables it to be used extensively in this area. Especially fire-resistant magnesium (forsterite) in the manufacture of bricks, fill the hole in ebt electric furnaces and heat-resistant oven pre-astarlamas of olivine are used in poured concrete. Forsterite bricks, especially iron and steel industry, cement industry, metallurgical furnaces and other high temperature processes are carried out in the construction of the inner wall are preferred. With the ability to minimize the formation of harmful gases olivine, established for the disposal of hospital waste and other toxic substances are used in priming silo burners.

In General, as quartz sand cast mold used in the casting industry. However, due to the low melting temperature of quarry sand casting with metal and steel during the sand on the sintering. In particular, this issue are taking place in the cast manganese steel. Olivine due to high melting, casting mould, metal does not react with steel surfaces does not hurt. In General if his inner part of un cast mold and olivine coating is used. Refractory coating, listing characteristics, provides easily from the mold to leave. According to a feature of the olivine silica sand in this area, highlighting the coefficient of expansion is low because of errors that can be caused when expansioded the minimum during casting. Also because of this property, bentonite and the water-binding component consumption is also reduced. In addition, heat resistance, easy to get in shape and take less water and can be used again before the structure of quartz sand olivine is a good stronghold against other outstanding features. The olivine powder can cause deadly lung disease silicosis silica sand is another important feature of the olivine industry, while olivine-free silica does not cause a problem because such content is low.

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