Iron Mine


Various metals have an important place in our daily life. One of them is iron. In fact, experts state that iron ore is more valuable than gold. They argue that a life without iron is unthinkable. Iron, which is the fourth most abundant mineral in the world, can be used in a wide area due to its low cost. Having these properties increases the value of iron mine much more.

Iron is a type of metal found free in nature. In order to obtain iron ore, which is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust and used in many areas, the chemicals in iron ore must be distinguished by reduction. The discovery and use of ferrous metal took place in the very old years of history. However, the fact that iron is a metal that is prone to wear faster than silver and gold has caused less use of iron in history.

The usage area of iron produced by iron ore producers is quite wide in modern industry. It is the main ingredient of many different industries and scientific research has shown that iron is a metal that can be used in many other areas. Iron, which is in high amount in the earth's crust compared to other metals, is expressed with the symbol Fe on the periodic table. It is found about 5 percent under the earth crust. At this point, one of the most curious ones is how iron came into being.

According to studies, attention is drawn to the formation times of the sun and planets in the formation of iron. Iron metal is the most common in space. Due to its high presence in the earth's crust, it is thought that this metal may affect the earth's magnetic field.

How is the Iron Mine Produced?

Shoots are not found in oxide form. Therefore, the sprouts are roasted and turned into oxide. Iron is then obtained by reduction. With the reduction, the oxygen of the oxide is taken and the metal is created. The reduction is made with coke in the blast furnace. The oven should be 30-40 meters high. 2000 tons of iron ore can be produced per day in a medium-sized blast furnace. The iron obtained by this method is called the peak.

Iron ore producers find the iron from its sources and then it is shipped to the required places. Since it is a very useful metal, it is the building block of many metals in alloys and compounds. It is available in gray, silver and white colors. It is easily beaten and processed. In this way, it can be easily turned into sheet or wire. Since it has a conductive structure, it conducts electricity and heat very well.

Oxidation that occurs in humid weather can go down to the inner layers. This allows the ferrous metal to corrode easily. It has a structure that is not resistant to corrosion. In order to be protected from these, iron mine producers prefer to be coated with elements such as chromium and nickel or alloys.

Nowadays, the importance of iron has increased with the developing industry. Some regions and some provinces in our country are very rich in iron mines and have been extracted for many years. Region is at most places where iron is removed from the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.

Where is Iron Mine Used?

The iron produced by iron mine producers has many uses. Today, iron is preferred and needed as a raw material in dozens of different industrial areas. On the other hand, as the industry develops, the need for iron increases. It is possible to list the main usage areas as follows:

• Iron is utilized as the main raw material of iron and steel. It is especially needed in casting production. Thanks to its transformation into steel, it becomes the number one raw material of the steel industry.

• It is used as the main material in the construction industry. It is indispensable for the construction industry thanks to its low cost and high efficiency. Today, only steel structures and even prefabricated structures are built on an iron frame, while in traditional reinforced concrete structures, both single-storey and multi-storey structures are built by adding iron into materials such as sand and cement. Iron metal is of vital importance especially for the skeleton systems of constructions called pillars.

• The thickness and amount of iron to be used are determined according to the project details of the building. If the correct iron produced by the iron mine producers is not used in the correct proportion and in the right dimensions, security weaknesses occur. Today, one of the biggest causes of casualties in earthquakes is to use missing materials and the other is to build buildings in the wrong area. Therefore, the iron quality of a construction is directly proportional to the building quality.

• It is indispensable for the automotive industry. Many factors such as being light, easy to process, malleable, safe and cost-effective make iron the basic raw material of the automobile industry. One of the most important shareholders in the development of the automotive industry over the years has been the development of iron by iron mine producers.

• Iron is used in the production of magnetic storage areas of computers. Iron undertakes an active duty in order to keep the storage areas safe.

• Many items we use in daily life contain iron. For this, it is enough to look around. From white goods to hobby products, from kitchenware to furniture, it is possible to see iron sometimes plain and sometimes as an alloy.

Best Wholesale Iron Mine Producers

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