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Manganese Ore Supply
5 May 2021
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Wholesale Chrome Supply
15 July 2021

Iron is a chemical element and is the fourth most common mineral on earth. It is the most abundant metal on the earth crust wholesale iron ore. And the earth center is estimated to be an iron crystal. Iron metal is obtained from iron ore and the ore must be refined for this. It is used as an alloy, mainly in steel making.

Wholesale iron ore is the most used of all metals. There are many reasons for this and the most important of them is the low price and high strength. Therefore, it is used extensively in the automotive industry, ship hull construction, construction industry, defense industry of wholesale mining.

Iron ore is transformed into forms such as pig iron, cast iron, carbon steel, malleable cast iron, alloy steel, iron oxide, and each of these finds a place in every field from daily life to technology, from decoration to entertainment. Iron ore, which is mined in many places around the world, is also extracted in various regions of Turkey and iron produced by wholesale iron producers is exported to the world.

Wholesale Iron Ore and Bauxite Supply

One of the minerals found in the earth is bauxite. It consists of bauxite, aluminum iron oxide and hydroxide. Bauxite in brown, green, red and gray colors is the raw material of aluminum. Since most of the aluminum production in the world is met from bauxite, the most frequently used area is aluminum production. In addition, bauxite is used in cement production, refractory industry, abrasive production, production of cutting materials, sandpaper and powders.

Bauxite, located in various parts of Turkey, is made ready for export by wholesale bauxite ore producers. Our company meets the demands in bauxite exports as well as in iron exports. Bauxite procured from different regions of Turkey is made ready for shipment in line with the demands of our customers and delivered successfully at the end of the cooperation process.

Wholesale Iron Ore and Bauxite Supplier

As Dudolp Mining, we easily meet all the demands on wholesale iron mine. With the advantage of having a wide range of products, we can respond to any demand. We carry our years of knowledge, experience and experience forward with our dynamic structure, offer premium quality at affordable prices, and provide the best prices in market conditions.

We are capable of supplying products worldwide and continue to expand our network day by day. We support with the logistics channels we have. You can reach us for your needs and inform the iron you need. Then we evaluate your demands and arrange the payment and delivery methods mutually. As a result of the stock controls, we supply the iron ores that comply with the quality standards and are ready for delivery after packaging.

After pricing, we take care of the shipment details and carry out customs procedures. Then we take our vehicles on the road, send them to the desired location and make our deliveries. Therefore, we terminate our mineral supply with a flawless business process in every aspect. If you want to work with the best in the industry for the buy iron ore and bauxite you need, you can contact our company.

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