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28 April 2021
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Manganese, whose symbol is “Mn”, takes its name from the region of Magnissia, which is within the borders of Greece manganese ore supply today. Manganese, an element among transition metals, was first discovered by Johan Gottlieb Gahn, a Swedish chemist and miner, who was also a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Until this discovery made in 1774, manganese, known as alchemists and used by fraudsters trying to turn metals into gold, was separated as metal and its interaction with other metals began to be studied more scientifically.

In 1856, with the development of techniques for mixing manganese and steel, the global manganese ore trade gained momentum. The importance of manganese, which is also used extensively in the hardening of steel and in the production of low-quality but cost-effective stainless steel, increased with the start of the First World War.

One of the Most Important Mining Manganese Ore Supply

Today, one of the areas where manganese is most commonly used is unleaded gasoline. In order to facilitate combustion and protect the engine, each energy supplier adds different amounts of manganese to the unleaded gasoline they offer to their customers. Therefore, the wholesale supply of manganese is of great importance for large energy companies. Manganese is not added to diesel fuels, ie diesels, since it is a fuel that explodes, not burning.

Manganese is also used to prevent corrosion of aluminum. 3004 and 3104 quality aluminum cans used as boxes for various beverages contain 0.8% and 1.5% manganese. Thanks to the aluminum manganese, which is resistant to normal corrosion, it also gains resistance against corrosion caused by materials dependent on electrical conductivity called “galvanic rusting”.

One of the most intensive uses of manganese is the new type of alkaline batteries. More than 230,000 tons of manganese battery production has been used worldwide since 2002, and the figure is increasing every year.

A Metal Intertwined With Manganese Ore Supply

Manganese is also used as a colorant in the glass and ceramic industry. When mixed with different substances, green, pink and blue colors emerge. It is not safe to use small amounts of non-toxic buy manganese ore in containers that will come into contact with food.

Manganese is important for the industry as well as for the health of all living creatures in the world. Manganese ore supply, one of the minerals that people should take daily, is a mineral that has a variety of functions from synthesizing protein in the body to the digestion system to decompose the minerals and vitamins needed from food.

Deficiency in humans causes growth disorders in infants and children, and problems such as memory and infertility in adults. In addition, as it affects the activities of the adrenal glands, it causes disorders in the endocrine system and, depending on, the wholesale mining body.

Manganese, along with ammonium nitrate, is one of the most used substances in fertilizers all over the world. Aware of the ever-increasing demand, manganese ore producers are working to increase production in order to meet this demand.

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