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16 October 2016
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18 January 2017

Chrome is a super contribution element alloy; heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strength, hardness, persistence, adds features such as hygiene and color. For this reason, most versatile features, chrome has made indispensable in countless application in the journal. With these features chrome,  most prominently used stainless steel applications.

Chrome; metallurgy, chemical and refractory industry is one of the basic elements of the industry. Chromium metal is the only economically produced the mineral chromite. Chromite ores produced in the world more than 90% of the metallurgical industry in the production of ferrochrome, ferrokromun produced approximately 90% of stainless steel used in the industry.

Ferrochrome; chromite ore in electric arc-resistance furnace using coke demotion. As mentioned above, the world produced more than 90% of metallurgical chromite ore industry in ferrochrome production. Developed one of the country’s industry entered the base of the stainless steel is also one of the elements that cannot be substituted ferrochrome.

Stainless steel’s most versatile features, and the not substitution because of the reasons world wide areas as production and consumption is increasing all the time. Chrome ore, ferrochrome and stainless steel; industry is the important raw materials, products are used in areas that can not be substituted. Stainless steel, corrosion resistance, as well as, thanks to the different types of mechanical features, the ability to use low and high temperatures, shape, aesthetic appearance, easily meets all hygiene conditions expected cleaned, recycled and eco-friendly features, such as the fact that many areas cannot be substituted, because of the material.

World stainless steel production in the 1990s, while the average is increasing at a rate of 5% in the 2000s is more than 6% growth rate. This is an increase of annual 250,000-300,000 tons  means needs extra ferrochrome. Stainless steel, capacity expansion and the increase in the rate when the newly formed more easily next of production of FeCr is they can consume.

Therefore, this rate of increase in the demand for stainless steel and India in South Africa with the policies of the ore in the supply bottleneck and FeCr prices but cannot high watch likely will continue. Processed or raw chrome ore mines for contact us.

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