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In the areas of reserve very hard conditions, the patience and the perseverance of human force worked marble, big cities skyscrapers, luxury dwellings and the historic buildings and monuments, the famous hotel was also export-oriented ready until it becomes very painful long process through the various colors and patterns in the ultimate hands-are being converted to natural wonders, too.

Construction activities all over the world classical or modern style decoration work and fine art are static material marble, natural beauty next to the “aesthetic” value, as one of the basic raw materials of industry, signified by the “economic” plays an important role too. Marble sales public use wholesale marbles.

Each marble one and only to ensure the purity of the very different depending on the current rock may be different. I mean, the shape, size and arrangement of the mineral particles and largely observed, each type of structure, properties belonging to the stone marble provides its own feature.

In chemical composition of marbles is largely calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and silicon dioxide lower proportions, it also has various metal oxide as a pigment. Pure when they are translucent and white color. But foreign substances and particularly metal oxides influence of yellow, pink, red, blue, Brown and black. Different colored veins, sometimes muddy Interior rare stones bordered image increases the assets of gain; Decorating and finishing works in this particular kind of marbles is preferred. World marble and granite companies by giving importance to the subject of decorating products.

Where the name commercially and marbles, the quality of the field in the person of color or marbles marble, cut and varnished covers all kinds of stone. In addition, this definition well varnished genuine in marble, limestone, travertine, serpentine, Onyx marble, dolomite, granite, diabase, basalt, Slate, sandstone, tectonic breccia and conglomerate. Wholesale marble and granite sales contributed to the emergence of other marble.

Marble is not only a material today, thought of as a philosophy. At the end of this process that can take thousands of years, thanks to the gorgeous colorful material millions of organic elements. A solid, immobile: object life are recycled. In this case, reveals the direction of the magic of marbles. Marble “nature’s magic gift”.

Marble and granite companies, when you know exactly how to go from being a “cold” material “into” a warm, living object. Studies have shown that “professionalism, expertise, seriousness and respect for some time”. Marble is not a simple job specialization. First of all, to have a deep knowledge about the nature of the stone, the way they understand and somewhat hidden external surface should be put in a shape that is attractive to the touch.

The main examples of the use of marbles, airports, administration buildings, museums, railway stations, hospitals, universities, churches and shopping malls. Nor does the rest of the material at a constant condition as magnificent monuments to life has been a passionate purpose today. A good example of this world are numerous.

World natural stone sector evaluations through macroeconomic, the old structure in the functioning of the process, with the potential of the changed structure of countries an adequate productivity Italian model (import-raw materials into finished products-the whole world re-export). An example of this ‘granite countertop wholesale.

Should be said about price trends, such as the stone sector in an industry with intensive material varieties and products due to the current trend, it is true that the power to make the average price analysis. You have to learn to see our products and prices.

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