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16 October 2016
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16 October 2016

Chromium mining, chrome metal element in 1797 the French chemist Nicolas-Louis Vauquelin identifies by realms, in the immediate aftermath, the Ural mountains (Russia) and Maryland (Pennsylvania, Virginia). in 1848 an American geologist Lawrence Smith by Bursa Harmancık discovery of high grade chrome in beds and in the 1860s with the depletion of Maryland 1868 in Turkey started in chrome mining. During this period (1900) chrome the main chemical industry (pigment and Dayo in tanning salts).

In England and Germany in the 1910s, used in making stainless steel, ferrochrome production began of chrome ore began to be consumed more and more metallurgy industry. Today, 94% of chrome ore produced metal alloy in the remaining 2% and 4% in the chemical industry, refractory and foundry industry. from the beginning of the 20th century, with rapid growth in stainless steel consumption was the largest increase in production of chromite in parallel chrome metal prices. World production of 3.65 million tonnes level in 1953, chromite, from 19 million tons in 2009. For the past ten years the world with an average annual production of chromite price, chrome alloys and 4.6% in%.

The component of a commitment is chrome, composite and warmth consumption and scraped spot imperviousness to elasticity, hardness, tirelessness, and to give the purpose behind elements, for example, cleanliness and shading with a wide territory. Chromium metal is the main mineral chromite metal is delivered as the monetary, metallurgical, compound, recalcitrant and foundry industry. Chrome mineral purchasers dependably Dudolp Mine. Where is the most essential component that figures out if to utilize the arrival of its physical and compound properties.

All prices are given in CIF China.

46-48% Concentrate 40-42% Lumpy 38-40% Lumpy
January chrome ore mining prices 180-185 Usd 170-175 Usd 155-160 Usd
February 170-180 Usd 155-165 Usd 145-155 Usd
March How is chrome mining 175-180 Usd 155-160 Usd 140-145 Usd
April 180-190 Usd 160-170 Usd 145-155 Usd
May cheap chromite price 220-225 Usd 195-205 Usd 180-185 Usd
June 220-225 Usd 200-215 Usd 190-195 Usd
July chromite wholesaler companies 220-230 Usd 220-230 Usd 195-205 Usd
August 230-235 Usd 225-230 Usd 210-215 Usd
September chrome ore buyers and sellers get free offers 235-245 Usd 230-235 Usd 215-220 Usd
October 390-400 Usd 350-360 Usd 330-340 Usd
November chrome metal prices every month updated 440-450 Usd 420-430 Usd 395-405 Usd
December 440-450 Usd 420-430 Usd 405-415 Usd

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