What is Chromium Plating?

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4 March 2017
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Chromium properties for chrome plating: Chrome is a hard gray metal, and when polished very well it gets a bluish color. The density is 7,1. It usually makes 3 or 6 bonds. Since it forms a protective oxide layer, it does not suffer corrosion under normal conditions.

Electrochemical properties of chromium: Theoretically, if chromium 3 is in the form of valence, it is 0,647 gr with 1 amp-hour energy consumption at 100% cathode efficiency. Chrome coating is possible. If the chromium is in the form of valence 6, it is possible to coat chromium 0.323 gr under the same conditions. In the past, all chromium plating was done using chromium ore in a value of 6. Today, in some chrome-plated works, chrome baths with a value of 6 are used. However, in most commercial enterprises, chrome plating is carried out using 3-valued chrome baths and commercial baths.

How to make Chrome Plating?

The use of chromium-plated metal has been a rapid expansion since the commercialization of chromium plating in the 1930s. There are 3 main usage areas. In general, it is used to obtain decorative, bright and darkening coating on nickel plating. It is used to coat very hard surfaces such as worn metal surfaces, metal processing tools or casting surfaces. In particular, the inner surfaces of the engine cylinders are used on surfaces that are subject to abrasion, such as shaft bearings, and therefore must be of a hard and porous construction. The porous structure keeps the oil in the pores and ensures a long engine life.

Unfortunately the cathodic yield of chromium-plated bathrooms of 6 is very low. This value is on average 14%, sometimes up to 27%, or down to 12% or lower.29 The reason for this is that chrome is the electrochemical position on the heap. As it is situated on the hydrogen, a little hydrogen is deposited with the chrome metal price. This leads to a decrease in efficiency in chrome plating. The effects of this condition, which causes the formation of severe gas bubbles, are observed on the chrome coating surface.

In a 6-valued chrome-plated banyos, 4.39 amps-hours of electricity is consumed to make a coating of 20 microns thick on a 1 dm² surface with 100% cathode efficiency. To do the same with 14% efficiency, it is necessary to spend an amp-hour. At price of chromite, the coated chromium weight of 20 microns in surface area of 1 dm² comes to 1,418 grams. While working at any cathode efficiency, it can be used to approximately calculate the amount of amps-hours (energy) that will be spent to chrome plating a given thickness.
The increases and decreases in chromium prices also affect the chromium-plating industry. Raw material chromite prices are overestimating cost estimates. We provide chrome ore raw material supply in Dudolp Mining. Communicate for affordable prices and quality chrome.

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