What is The Rise in Chromite Prices?

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25 February 2017
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The increase in the chromite prices demand has encouraged the operators in the sector. It is evident that the price of chromium mine, which constitutes one of the important export items of the country, has had a new excitement in the sector after the rebounding after a long period.
Companies that entered the sector with a high profitability expectation until 2008 were reminded that they had to shut down their businesses because they were going to the factory of chrome ore due to falling prices in the following years.
We have seen that the chromite prices of chromium have risen in the last year and that the chromite mines have started to reproduce. We know that in their firms, they have been happy with the recruitment of workers and the beginning of production.
However, the rapid increase in the dollar and euro parities and the stopping of the buying chrome mine speed of the Chinese country have taken a downturn. We are eagerly awaiting the chromite price of 30 USD lower than the beginning of the year.


Please contact us to purchase chrome ore. Prices may vary.


46-48% Concentrate          410-420 Usd / dmt
40-42% Parts (Lumpy)      400-405 Usd / dmt
38-40% Parts (Lumpy)      385-390 Usd / dmt

All prices are given in CIF China (China & CIF).


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