Black Marble Beauty Secrets

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The relationship of black marble and opposing features always reveals an aesthetic appearance. If it was produced by nature itself. The beauty of black marble also comes from its magnificent and natural composition, which can be seen in its dense, thin white layers. The impressive beauty of natural stones turns into a magnificent decoration product in the hands of DUDOLP’s specialist production team and close to 30 years of experience and adds value to your homes, workplaces and living spaces.

Marble is a natural metamorphic stone that has a long life, resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions and has a wear-out characteristic for more than 10 years besides its natural beauty added to the places. This natural and durable stone is also unique at the same time. The original patterns found in its majesty form an extraordinary combination of your homes and your workplaces when evaluated in the unique structure of each stone and in masterful hands.

Another very important advantage of marble is that it can withstand and adapt to all kinds of climate conditions. The black marble floor tiles gives the rooms a sense of freshness and freshness in areas where both hot and cold airconditioning is common.

Black marble varieties are also highly preferred due to the fact that maintenance does not require much effort. Regular cleaning helps to preserve these natural and marble applications that provide peace of mind for many years.

Where is Black Marble preferred?

The main application areas of black marble are interior decoration areas such as floor, wall, bathroom and kitchen countertop, as well as blasting and aging models, as well as black marble varieties that are very suitable for exterior decoration.

As Dudolp Mining, we serve with a wide range of products in black marble varieties. Combined black marble, mosaic black marble, special design and project products black marble combined with aged black marble, honed black marble, blasting black marble, blasting and aging models are available to meet your imagination limited demands.

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