How Does Chromite Occur?

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11 Mart 2017
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Formation of chrome deposits begins with chromite. In a magmatic solution of the gabbroic composition, olivine first crystallizes and leaves the main magma. Olivine is followed by chromite and magnetite crystals. Since these minerals are heavy, they collapse to the bottom. Then augite, iron sulphite and basic feldspars are then formed of Hornblende, biotite and semi-acidic feldspar, and finally acidic feldspar, muscovite and quartz.

After the majority of the silicates dissolve, the aqueous solutions remain. The first chrome ore minerals that have been separated from the melt are brought to the ore deposits in various forms. The difference between these types of beds is that the mineral bed crystallizes before or after the side stone. On the other hand, it is important that the crystallization of the mineral bed occurs in a stagnant and mobile melt, and in various ways, the beds have to be found. If the ore minerals are first separated, they are deposited at the bottom of the magma mass, precipitating in a still solution.

How many chromite deposits are separated?

Once the magmatic mass has been in place, the gravitational differentiation event follows a steady course, while maintaining its steady state. In this case, however, the ore minerals are only under the influence of their weight and bring about magmatic stratification. Magmatic stratification can best be seen in horizontal bushweld chromite deposits spread over a large area.

During the magman’s movement, the differentiations that have emerged in the direction of the current led to the formation of the chromite deposits called erosion in the magman. The search for such mineral deposits is possible by petrographic, geological examination of introductory massif internal structure and flow texture. Chromite deposits must be classified while considering chromite prices formation. However, this sorting can be done in various ways. For example, in terms of structure, petrography and chemical composition. In addition, there are those who classify the bedrock according to the genre of the main field. From these, it is generally accepted that the classification of the structure is most appropriate. In this respect it is possible to separate the price of chromite deposits from three gurubasses.

A) Disseminated chromite deposits
B) Adese shaped chromite deposits
C) Core-shaped chromite deposits

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