How Does Marble Quarry Operate?

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14 March 2017
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20 November 2020

The most important stakeholder marble quarry operation in which quality is influenced in the first stage and perhaps the cost can be reduced. First of all, before moving to marble production, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the boiler from the perspective of profitability, color and quality and start to operate later. Otherwise, the damages grow later and the furnace is closing.

Turkey played the most important role in marble quarry operation. More than 500 quarries are still in production throughout the country. It is known that quarries and factories in the sector employ about 55,000-60,000 people. This number is about 2,200 in the boron mining. This is a sign that the marble industry is a sector that provides employment. Indicates how much is wholesale marble in your supply. Existing marble quarry enterprises are estimated to be able to work with capacity of 60-70 people due to their inadequate quality of workers and machinery. In addition, marble quarries operate seasonally under open conditions, and the capacity utilization rate falls because there are no quarry workers to work full year.

Marble Quarry Operating Methods of Used

1) Primitive Methods
– Grooving-Channel Opening Method
– Drilling (Triple Key)
– Modern Triple Wedge
– Using explosives
2) Mechanical Methods
– Screw Wire Cutting Method
– Diamond Wire Cutting Method

While primitive methods were used in the beginning, the diamond wire cutting method used in Italy today became widespread. This is a pleasing situation. It is an undesirable method of operation of marble quarry because of the deterioration of quality of explosive use. A newer technology, such as a laser, would be the most appropriate technology to use a diamond wire cutting method unless it is introduced. Marble and granite companies generally use this method more often.

Particularly marble producers need to solve the road and energy infrastructure problems. It is very important to provide cheap electricity to the marble sector which is an energy intensive sector. Moreover, the high cost of diesel and gasoline significantly reduces the chances of competition. Wholesale marble and granite producers place great importance on cost accounting.

One of the most important problems encountered in the operation of the quarry is that it does not provide the desired color unity during operation. The fact that the furnace is not well known from the beginning and the wholesale marble orders received are not given according to the color scheme of the furnace, then it causes big problems. For this reason, the field inventory needs to be done very well. This is the most important difference that distinguishes marble business from others.

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