Natural Stones Dust Amount?

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10 February 2017
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25 February 2017

Especially when the ladies see the natural stones, “How do they clean the dirt”? As I understand from his reactions, it feels like a terrible job to the king. That is not the case. You can easily clean the decorative natural stones at home or at the wall of your office by attaching a brush to the end of the electric vacuum cleaner. You can be sure that it will not hold as much dust as you. No matter how much dust is on the table, it will not hold dust on the wall until halfway.

The solution is that simple. You do not absolutely need any chemistry. When you first buy decorative natural stones, it is normal for you to come dusty. The dusts on the plant during the production stage, the dust originating from the crime. When you clean these dusts for 1 time, dust will not come out again. If you have made decorative natural stone mosaic coatings in your outdoor wall, you can see darkness in the stone over time. The reason is that dust particles carried by rain water stick to natural stones.

How to clean dirty decorative natural stones on this outdoors?

Actually, I think you all know the answer. The solution is “VINEGAR”. Yes, you did not hear wrong vinegar. If you have not made a connection; We use the method we use to purify vegetables and greenery from soil and dust. When it comes to practice; We put the grape circe we know into the pumped pesticide and spray it on our natural stone mosaics. The vinegar dissolves the dust particles and after 15-20 minutes we brush it with the car brush by holding water on it. If the result does not satisfy you, we repeat the same process. And our decorative natural stones are now as bright as new.

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