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23 November 2020
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2 December 2020

The construction sector is one of the most basic sectors which has the fastest development in the world and has a very bright future. The construction sector is undoubtedly a sector that will continue to develop without stopping for centuries in the world. Because as cities are built, as new sectors emerge and human settlements increase, it is necessary to build new structures that will provide space for all these. One of the most needed materials in the construction sector is marble.

The most important feature of this substance, which is found in limited regions of the world and therefore imported by many institutions, is that it has a very strong structure. In addition, this material is used in both vintage design and modern designs. Dudolp, as a marble supplier, is one of the companies that works harder to offer the best quality marble materials at the most affordable prices. You can contact us for the fastest possible prices for the marble types with different properties.

At Dudolp, we supply you with two different types of marble. The names of these marble types are white marble and black marble respectively. Both types of marble are actively used in the construction sector and in the execution of various art areas. Recently, black marble which is frequently encountered in modern home decoration is rapidly becoming popular.

These two items are purchased for you from the first hand by us. And they are reach to the country where you are at the best prices thanks to our developed transportation system. Please note that if you want to order our products in the form of Block or Cut Plate, the minimum order rate is full of container. Our other marble varieties we offer for you are Noche, Beige varieties.

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