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24 March 2021
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Olivine sand is the name given to all crystal structures in which many different minerals coexist. Olivine, a family of very different compounds, usually consists of small crystals. Although “(Mg, Fe) 2 SiO4” is the accepted chemical formula for olivines, Tephroit, Larnite, Monticellite and Kirschsteinite types each have different chemical contents and properties.

Olivines, which have yellow and green colors according to the ratio of minerals they contain, are not suitable for construction works due to their fragile structure. They are scored between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale and have a hardness rating that “scratches the glass with force”.

Olivine, whose existence has been known for a very long time, is generally referred to as “Olivine sand” because the particles are very small. Following the increase in research on olivine, production of Olivine ore, which came to the agenda of the mining industry in the last 1980s, started to be produced by producers.

Although the researches on olivine are continuing, the usage areas of olivine are increasing day by day. One of the most striking of these is the efforts to remove the carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, which creates a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and causes global warming wholesale minng, from the atmosphere by being trapped in Olivine.

The Most Preferred Olivine Sand in High Temperature Processes

One of the most important usage areas of olivine is especially in casting areas. Olivines are very suitable for use as melter and slag in high temperature furnaces with their resistance to high temperatures and their ability to distribute the heat they are exposed to evenly. Olivine-containing pellets have been offered to the steel industry by wholesale olivine producers. For many years in order to reduce the amount of energy required for the melting process in melting furnaces and to ensure that the different materials that are melted and mixed together can be mixed homogeneously.

Olivine coated molds have been used in the steel and aluminum industries due to their resistance to heat. Olivine sand supplier molds prevent the occurrence of problems such as cracking and breaking by allowing the metal poured into them to freeze more slowly, and they are much more economical than the chromite and zirconium-containing materials used before them.

Olivine sand, which is resistant to heat and has a higher melting temperature than iron, is also used in the construction of bricks olivine sand supply, which are called “firebricks” in the construction sector and are used mostly in furnaces and similar places that will be constantly exposed to high temperatures.

The Value of New Olivine Sand

Another reason for the increase in the wholesale supply of olivine ore in the world markets is that Olivine sand does not contain silica and its derivatives, which cause serious damage to the lungs in case of inhalation. Olivine sand, whose particle size is much larger, is not absorbed by the lung even if inhaled, which helps protect the lungs.

In the studies conducted so far, a health risk created by olivine, apart from the health problems that may be caused by the iron and magnesium contained in its content, has not been determined. Therefore, it can be transported and used with minimum security measures.

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