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3 February 2021
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Chromium, the 24th element expressed with the symbol Cr, is one of the natural components of the earth’s crust. Its external appearance is shiny and metallic. Although it is hard, it has a structure that can be easily broken. It can be melted at 1907 degrees and boiled at 2672 degrees. Thanks to its structure that is not affected by air, it is used for coating stainless and many surfaces. It has a wide range of uses in metallurgy, chemistry, refractory, casting industries.

Countries producing a significant amount of chromium in the world are listed as follows:

  • South Africa with 16.1 million tons, 54%
  • Kazakhstan with 4.2 million tons, 14%
  • India with 3.2 million tons, 11%
  • 5% to 1.5 million tons in Turkey

Our company, which is among the wholesale chrome producers that appeals to wide range of uses from kitchenware to work machines, is offered worldwide by our company.

Chromium ranks 24th among the elements and is symbolized by Cr. Chromium, which has a metallic and shiny appearance, does not rust thanks to its weatherproof feature. Many surfaces are coated with this hard but rapidly breaking element, chrome. With its use, it can enter the kitchens in order not to cause a harmful situation to health, and it is used in many areas from kitchen materials to work machines. Chromium ore producers are increasing day by day due to its wide usage area and the fact that there is no harmful situation in the production-usage stages.

Wholesale Chrome Ore

Our country has an important position in meeting the global chrome need with 1.5 million tons of chrome production. Our manufacturer, which has a wide production power, serves worldwide and helps our country to have a say in the international chrome trade.

Does not harm health with the use of chromium; It is one of the natural components of the earth’s crust, which has a wide range of use in metallurgy, chemistry, refractory, casting industries. Thanks to its structure that is not affected by air, it is an indispensable part of stainless steel and surface coatings. It is used in reinforcing iron with its hard but quickly breaking structure and creating aesthetic surfaces with its shiny and metallic appearance.

Our company provides worldwide services in the production of chrome ore. Businesses that produce in the international arena can make their wholesale chrome ore purchases through our company, which has a wide service power.

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