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27 January 2021
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10 February 2021

Bauxite was described by the French Geologist Pierre Berthier in 1821. He got his name inspired by the village of Les Baux in Southern France where he collected samples. A few more years were required to separate the minerals in bauxite.

Bauxite is a sedimentary rock type ore that is abundant in nature and is rich in gallium and alumina content. Bauxite, which has an earthy, massive structure like clay, is a mixed mineral, contains alumina, iron, manganese hydroxides and hydrargilite and has an amorphous structure. The color of Bauxite, which can be found in green, brown and red tones, is determined by the density of minerals in it.

There are two different Bauxite ores in nature. The first type is called Silicate Bauxites and is formed by the removal of minerals such as silica and alkali in the rock from the environment with heavy rain. It is seen in areas with intense rain and tropical climates. The second type is called Kalk Bauxite and is formed by the precipitation of water containing alumina and other minerals on calcareous surfaces. Today, bauxite ore producers mainly operate in areas where silicate bauxite deposits are located.

Wholesale Bauxite Producers

Although aluminum is the most common material in the world after oxygen and silicon, it is found in nature in trace amounts and is found only in wholesale bauxite ore. Bauxite is the only known rock containing alumina, which is the main ingredient in mineral aluminum. The demand for bauxite has increased rapidly, with the increasing demand for aluminum.

Whose production costs have decreased significantly with the developing technologies and techniques since the beginning of the 20th century. Aluminum, which does not experience chemical deterioration during recycling, is used extensively, especially in the packaging industry, since the energy required during recycling is very low. It is thought that half of the aluminum packaging found in the world markets today has been recycled at least once.

Aluminum, which is a light and robust metal, is also highly preferred especially in aviation and automotive sectors because it is chemically resistant to corrosion. In addition, the continuous increase in the demand for aluminum, which is frequently used in the production of vaccines and household goods, has started to put more pressure on wholesale bauxite producers and led to an increase in dynamism in the wholesale bauxite mine supply market. Bauxite, which is used in the production of cement and sanding equipment and chemicals, is one of the most important resources of modern life, even in its ore form.

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