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10 February 2021
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24 February 2021

Although bauxite is known as a mineral, it is actually formed by the combination of minerals. Composed of minerals, bauxite, the raw material of aluminum is rock formation. Different metals can be found in the mineral. Bauxite, which has an important place in world trade, is procured from sellers. Worldwide, aluminum needs are met with bauxite. Bauxite ranks 3rd among the most abundant ores in the earth’s crust. Although it is found in such abundance, it has an important place in trade.

Bauxite deposits that exist worldwide have the capacity to meet the world’s bauxite needs for hundreds of years. Apart from aluminum, different metals are also produced and used from the extracted bauxite. Having a wide area of ​​use, bauxite is extracted under special conditions. The bauxite extracted to the earth is offered for wholesale in order to be suitable for its intended use and area of ​​use. Those who want to bauxite mine sales in bulk can contact Dudolp Mining and perform the wholesale ore purchase process safely.

Bauxite mines are abundant in the world. Although the mine is abundant, it is of serious commercial importance. Bauxite mine is used in various fields. The bauxite mine, which is extracted to be suitable for the usage area, is sent to the customer in all its purity without being subjected to any process. The hardness value of bauxite mine is between 1-3. The density of the mine varies between 2-2.5. When bauxite known as mineral is examined, it is seen that various minerals are formed by coming together. Bauxite is a residual soil formed as a result of the weathering of rocks. It is used in the formation of various elements, especially aluminum. Aluminum minerals in bauxite:

• Böhmit

• Gibsit

• Diasporit.

Bauxite Production and Sales

Bauxite color can be white, gray, yellow and red. Color changes according to the amount of iron in bauxite. Minerals such as silica, calcium and iron in bauxite reduce the quality of the ore. Therefore, the mineral ratio can be adjusted to suit bauxite ore producers, the area of use and the intended use.

Although bauxite is abundant, it is of serious commercial importance. Wholesale bauxite producers produce under special conditions. After the production, the values ​​of bauxite ore are examined. In this way, bauxite is sold according to its usage area and purpose. Bauxite, known as aluminum raw material, meets 90% of aluminum production. Bauxite is also used in the production of fire resistant building materials.

Specially extracted bauxite is not subjected to any chemical process. Bauxite, which preserves its quality and structure, is offered for wholesale. The use of wholesale bauxite is more advantageous. Bauxite can be supplied in a short time by wholesale order. Dudolp Mining, which has experience in the field of bauxite ore export, provides services with professional studies. You can easily obtain bauxite ore suitable for your area of ​​use and purpose and use it safely. The studies we have developed on the wholesale bauxite ore sales are offered to the customer with a guarantee.

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