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Wholesale Chromium Ore Purchase
13 January 2021
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27 January 2021

It provides a cost advantage for bauxite ore producers. The large amount of land that needs to be cultivated to extract large amounts of ore worries environmental protection organizations. However, unlike many metals, bauxite, which does not require a special chemical intervention when extracted, is a material that allows the land from which it is extracted to be reforested in a very short time. Since it is not a toxic and dangerous substance, it does not require special equipment and tools while loading and shipping.

Bauxite is not a toxic ore, it can be handled and processed easily. In addition, prolonged inhalation of large quantities of dust can cause lung disorders in the long term. Since bauxite is a type of rock that is close to the surface and at a depth of 2-3 meters at most, it is mined by creating open mine fields.

The most important use of bauxite is in the production of alumina and ultimately aluminum. On average, 250kg of aluminum is produced from 1 ton of bauxite extracted from the soil. Although some of the chemicals used when separating alumina from bauxite are very harmful to the environment and human and animal life, these risks can be easily minimized by taking the necessary measures. No adverse event causing large scale damage has been reported in any of the companies that have taken the necessary security measures so far. The ability to use chemicals repeatedly is an important positive detail in reducing these risks.

Wholesale Bauxite Ore

Wholesale bauxite ore reserves detected in the world are around 38 billion tons and half of this reserve is located in Guinea and Australia. It is estimated that the amount of reserves in our country is around 70 million tons. One of the reasons for the late discovery of bauxite is that bauxite ore does not exist in large quantities in Europe and North America.

The fact that the ore is more intense and easily accessible in geographies where the tropical climate prevails has caused the wholesale bauxite ore trading companies to shift their resources to these regions, contributing to the economic development of the regions.

In addition, processing plants located near bauxite ore producers also provide resources to governments to combat unemployment.Therefore, the economic importance of bauxite deposits is increasing rapidly and governments in many regions of the world are preparing support packages for bauxite producers.

Bauxite, known for the increasing use of aluminum in the production sector, especially in the aviation and space industry, is also the most important known source of the element Gallium. Today, Gallium is one of the most used elements in semiconductor production. For these reasons, it is predicted that bauxite deposits will be classified as strategic resources in the coming years.

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