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3 March 2021
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17 March 2021

Wholesale bauxite was first discovered in 1821 in Southern France. After about 40 years, chemists paved the way for aluminum production from bauxite. Although bauxite is not recycled, existing bauxite ore is sufficient to meet the bauxite requirement of the wholesale bauxite sell world for hundreds of years.

When we look at its structure, bauxite is known as mineral; but it is a type of ore consisting of minerals. The raw material of aluminum contains different metals as a rock formation. Wholesale bauxite mine has a very important place in world trade. Currently, the aluminum need in the world is met from bauxite and it is the third most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust.

Usage Areas of Wholesale Bauxite Ore

Bauxite is formed as a result of the weathering of the rocks over the years. Therefore, it can be called a rock type consisting of laterite soil. Some components in this soil were eroded by the effect of surface water, and the remaining aluminum iron oxide bauxite ore was formed. It mostly occurs as a result of lateritization in tropical and subtropical regions. The crystal system is amorphous in structure and it is a lustrous, earthy clay-like metal.

Bauxite ore producers around the world are particularly closely associated with aluminum production. 70 percent of aluminum production is made by applying the bauxite bayer method. Bauxite is used in different fields in industry. Usage areas are determined depending on the chemical composition. The most common uses are:

  • Bauxite constitutes 90 percent of alumina and aluminum production. Apart from metallic aluminum, by-products such as gallium and vanadium are sometimes obtained from bauxite.
  • Bauxite is used in aircraft industry, automotive industry, household appliances, metallurgical applications, oil and natural gas drilling, casting materials.
  • There are also refractory products made of bauxite. It is also used to fill gaps in kiln bricks in high alumina refractory brick, synthetic mullite, casting materials, monolith, cement, iron steel and brick industries.
  • There are also chemicals made of bauxite. Aluminum sulphate used in water cleaning, aluminum hydrate, al-chloride used in crude oil purification, sodium aluminate are among these.
  • Abrasives are also made from bauxite. It is preferred in abrasives such as sandpaper, emery powders, grinding wheels, sanding stone rollers.
  • In addition, bauxite is used in filtering oils, removing the color of raw sugar, cleaning raw sugar, slag prevention in ferrochrome plants and in cement production.

Wholesale Bauxite Manufacturers

Turkey is rich in bauxite. Wholesale bauxite producers operate in different regions. The bauxite ore extracted from the mines is processed in the aluminum facilities in Seydişehir. The cost may increase slightly, as the deposits and processing facilities are far from the ports. As a company, we have been providing wholesale bauxite sales services both in the domestic and foreign markets for many years. We meet demands with budget-friendly price advantages.

Today, different metals besides aluminum are produced from bauxite. In recent years, it has attracted the reaction of environmentalists on the grounds that bauxite mining harms the environment, but both bauxite production and bauxite ore mining will continue as long as aluminum is needed in the world.

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