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26 August 2016

We have been supplying the industry and we have discussed the world situation to a marble mine. We’ll see how it is followed closely by everyone as marble and natural stones.

Since the use of natural stone in the construction and decoration materials, it has led to an increase in world production of natural stone. Increases in recent years, is in line with developments in natural stone acquisition and processing technology. Natural stone should be experienced in removing the result of technological developments. As well as a minimum of casualties are removed during processing of natural stone.

When the world natural stone reserves remaining in the Alpine-Himalayan belt. Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan called carbonate rocks in countries have marble, limestone, travertine and onyx reserves. Spain, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, India, China, Brazil and South Africa can be operated igneous rocks are high-potential countries.

Natural stone varieties capable of having won the admiration of the world market in Turkey. Reserves are spread over a wide area throughout Anatolia and Thrace. Distribution of reserves by region, Turkish Aegean Coast 32%, Marmara 26%, Central Anatolia 11%. Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean region in the form of 31%. Turkey has a very rich underground resources under the influence of geological structure.

Turkish marble sector; variety and richness of reserves, industry experience, ease of transportation through sea transport, dynamic industry structure, used with new technology and a large color scale has an important place in the world marble market. Natural stone and marble in particular, is one of them.

Turkey has a rich natural stone potential as geological structure. The main types of natural stone marble, travertine and granite. 3.8 billion cubic meters of marble can be operated in Turkey, 2.7 billion cubic meters of exploitable travertine, it is estimated that 995 million cubic meters of granite reserves found. This value has a significant share in Turkey with the world natural stone reserves. In research done in different colors and patterns found in Turkey was determined that nearly 650 varieties of marble.

World natural stone industry market size of $ 20 billion and 70% of the production is done by including in 7 countries including Turkey. Natural stone industry in 1985 to be covered by the Mining Law has entered a new era. The sector grew slightly after this date, compared to the previous year and has taken place every year on the first of today our mineral exports. In the marble industry, marble quarries of 2,100 small and medium-sized factories and 7,500 to 1,500 about 300,000 people are employed in the workshop. Almost all of the production is done by the private sector. In Turkey, the total annual production of natural stone plate production capacity is about 4 million cubic meters of processing plants is around 6.5 million m².

The sector as entered into every area of our lives, we try to summarize. Please contact us after you make your purchase plan you are.

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