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Marble And Natural Stone Situation
26 August 2016
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Chrome Mine History
26 August 2016

China is ranked first with 21.5% share in terms of natural stone production between countries. It conducts more than half of the world’s imports marble and travertine blocks. China currently is the world’s largest exporter and importer of marble. Due to the structure of the world market finished products marble and natural stone sinks and block buyers are different. For example, the US, Japan, Germany and England are not the recipient of the block. They demand from other countries for which the processed marble and travertine marble natural stone culture that production and management development.

The situation in China is different. The entry of processed products are faced with higher taxes. Production costs are also very low. So do exports of processed products in China is almost impossible. It also has the largest granite and travertine processing capacity in the world in China. So in terms of blocks of travertine export in China, it is a very favorable market for Turkey. China blocks taken to process consumes most of its own internal market. Despite China not only for its internal consumption, granite and travertine blocks also makes purchases for export. For this reason, China, and Turkey’s is the best of both customers as well as competitors. China’s purchases of natural stone block imports of some products we examined, we see significant weight.

China’s imports of natural stone – by Product Group


Granite Blocks:  4.685.247

Travertine Blocks:  9,916,824

Ski Stone Block:  1.088

TOTAL (BLOCK) 14.603.159

Processed Granite:  7.193

Processed Travertine:  36.599

Processed Other Stones: 5.144

Processed Ski Stone: 991 347

The Stone Tile; Granules, powder and Parts:  849

The Stone Pavement Slab and Blocks: 143

TOTAL (PROCESSED): 1.041.275

TOTAL: 15.644.434

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