16 October 2016

Wholesale Marble and Granite Company

In the areas of reserve very hard conditions, the patience and the perseverance of human force worked marble, big cities skyscrapers, luxury dwellings and the historic […]
10 December 2016

Chromium Element

Chrome is a super contribution element alloy; heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strength, hardness, persistence, adds features such as hygiene and color. For this reason, […]
18 January 2017

Why are Chrome Ore Prices Increasing?

In October 2016, a total of 400,000 tons of high-carbon ferro-chrome was produced in China. Approximately 2.3 tons of chrome ore are consumed for the production […]
10 February 2017

Why is stainless steel non-rusting?

Steel is an alloy consisting of iron and other elements. Always in steel carbon, phosphorus, silicon and small amounts of aluminum. These elements can occur in […]
21 February 2017

Natural Stones Dust Amount?

Especially when the ladies see the natural stones, “How do they clean the dirt”? As I understand from his reactions, it feels like a terrible job […]